Turkmenistan Wedding Customs

Typical Turkmen wedding practices are characterized by historical characteristics, religious beliefs and the durability of the family. They are usually executed in three days and feature many special customs.

Traditionally, the bride includes a palanquin. She is decorated with colorful kerchiefs, patches and thinner branches. The lady wears a special takhya headdress. Her apparel is designed with light magical pendants and ornamentation. She actually is likewise served food prepared by her mother.

In the past, Turkmen girls sometimes married men of older era, but today they often get married to within their early twenties. The woman price is generally very high. It can cost a large amount in livestock, grain and cash.

The groom’s family helps the bride with her dowry. This is usually covered for by the groom’s father. He may spend a considerable part of the bride’s price on her dowry.

There are exceptions to the dowry rules, for example , when the lady is pregnant. A dowry can be of close relatives and friends from the bride. These types of gifts support the bride stay fit and wealthy. The dowry may also include clothes, floor coverings and items. Depending on the friends and family, the price of the bride can be 1000s of dollars in money, grain and livestock.

The groom’s family organizes a marriage banquet. In the morning, before work, a festive meals is stored. People move to classic Turkmen melodies. The most popular dances are ellik, saz and pishme.

The bride and groom are required to visit their very own parents› http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/04/11/divorce-rates-soaring_n_1418202.html house following their marriage. They live the family’s residence until the hubby pays his dowry. This can produce a lot of challenges for the groom’s family. If the child is not happy with her husband, she is free to come back to her parent’s home. This may play a role in closer family members contacts.

The wedding party is joined by members of both the entire international dating for chinese family, including the groom’s https://asianbrides.org/turkmenistan-women/ parents. They coordinator the special event and provide spicy plov and lamb soups. Guests are also busy by folk traditions groups and singers.

The bride is usually covered by a sizable red-and-indigo cloth. She actually is also adorned with amulets that give protection to the star of the wedding coming from evil forces. She is likewise given little pieces of fabric like a symbol of festivity. The takhya can be decorated with embroidered flowers. These blossoms symbolize virginity and flourishing beauty within the bride.

During the marital relationship, the bride-to-be keeps her eyes not open. She is as well not allowed to walk near bloody or dirty areas. Her experience is also covered by a handkerchief, which is constrained against her lips. The woman is also prohibited to attend funerals, commemorations and other places where individuals are killed.


The bride-to-be and groom are both required to give thanks to their very own ancestors. Additionally they are expected to help to make sacrifices designed for the good with the family. The bride and groom are required to make their very own marriage effective. The marriage will probably produce a child in the first yr. They are predicted to work hard and support the family.

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